About Us


While a few rises to the level of leadership thrust to them, others must learn how to become leaders, and why they have to be leaders. But who are these leaders? In a nation where the Youths are believed to be the leaders of tomorrow, and the current crop of leaders not living up to expectations; where questions bothering on the role of the Nigerian Youth in this nation and many more like it, hasn’t found answer; where what seems to divide us looms bigger than what really binds us as a people; wouldn’t you agree such a nation needs fixing?

The Fixing Nigeria Project, a brainchild of the Ernest and Ibrahim Foundation, began as a dream, a simple dream of creating a fulcrum for the Nigerian youth, social actors & agents of change and the policy makers to dialogue and analyze national issues bothering on youth participation in Nation building, increased active Citizen’s participations in elections, and to prepare the youth for leadership and governance.

Every year, on selected dates with national meanings, the Fixing Nigeria Conference is hosted, with several social, political, cultural/traditional and religious stakeholders in attendance. Pressing issues affecting the state of the nation are opened up for discourse, with youths having the opportunity to engage their elected leaders in open discourse, and further demand for accountability where necessary.

Over the years, we’ve recorded immense success in the number of youths who have increased their participation as citizens in election and governance; demanding for proper accountability in their local regions from their elected officials; and also becoming part of the electoral processes by contesting for one political office or the other.

Having hosted a plethora of dignitaries and stakeholders, from foreign and local institutions since our maiden edition in 2017, the Fixing Nigeria Project has gone from been a mere conference where debates are held and stakeholders interact with the citizens, to becoming a Voice in the political space in Nigeria, setting the tone of discourse, influencing and preparing youths for leadership and governance.

This year, the Fixing Nigeria project will host its 5th edition; and unlike former editions, this year’s edition will herald a movement; a movement to demand MORE from our leaders, a movement to have VOICE in who want as leaders; for when the worst of us leads the best of us, chaos and bad leadership is what is begotten. And so, this year, we present to you The Abuja Accord.